Thank You Mom for Breastfeeding Me

Thank You Mom for Breastfeeding Me

The Breastfeeding Journey & Parenting Tips

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Hi Mom,

I just arrived here on earth a few weeks ago and if you think that having a baby was amazing, you should ask a baby what it’s like being born. You can only imagine the incredible experience of making that transition from a soft, warm, very quiet, and safe place to a high-energy world with bright lights, crazy colors and intense noise. Lots of noise. The feel of the doctor’s hands on me was very comforting and the shimmering lights made me feel awake and alive. I felt very secure knowing I had made it into a loving world. I was in a safe place. But when she gave me to you to hold, I knew that I was absolutely in the right place. I had arrived.


You were very tired, in fact like me, probably pretty exhausted, but at that moment, it felt like you had super powers and that you would do anything to protect and love me. It was so incredible to see you from the outside. I had been thinking about what you might look like for a while and you did not disappoint me. You are just beautiful. Then, something very mysterious in my brain switched on and without thinking what or why or how, I snuggled onto your body, wriggling to find my first taste of life. We were both smiling inside at just how amazing this moment was, but also feeling a little bit scared as well. You were shaking a little and I saw you crying, but I knew they were happy tears so I just joined in with my own.


It was a bumpy orientation, but I was confident that we would get the hang of this new relationship and figure out our roles together. After that first feed, I was sure we had created a very special silent bond that was going to last forever. We understood each other – it was almost as though breastfeeding gave us a very special connection. But I saw some babies who didn’t have that first feeding experience, and I know everything will be ok for them too.


At that moment, you were the only person on the planet I wanted to be with, to feed me and to love me. I knew that you would always try your best to make me happy and healthy.  Right then I wanted to say thank you mom but didn’t have words. So now I will say it a bit louder – thank you for breastfeeding me. Also, I think you must have had some help when it came to making milk for me. I wondered what that whoosh whoosh sound was when I was sleeping, and I think you were making extra milk with some kind of pump because I always had fresh breastmilk from you no matter who was holding and feeding me. The bottle was a little weird at first, but I’m getting the hang of it and by now, I am starting to feel more confident about letting other people get closer to me, and not be so attached to you like glue.


I think you knew right at the beginning that this process of giving amazing life to a tiny little being that you had created was unique and magical. That in itself was probably its own reward and source of joy. But now months later, we have done this dance hundreds of times, and just in case you ever have doubted yourself or wondered if I was aware and grateful for everything you gave me, well the answer was and is yes. Yes, I appreciated everything you did. Thank you for your patience, your smiles, for late nights and early mornings, for understanding my fears and tears, and trying so hard to make everything just absolutely perfect for me. But most of all, thank you for breastfeeding me. It has helped me to grow stronger, more confident and full of your goodness for the great life journey ahead.


Thanks Mom.